who am I?

I also blog over here at Pings and Needles – my nerdy crafty stitchy quilty blog … please come and visit me there too!

Hi, I’m Sarah

Now that I’ve got you here, please allow me to bore you rigid with the story of my life

Careful! Steps are steeper than they look!

Like most supeheroines, I have two lives: Nerdy IT teacher/ teacher trainer by day …

… and Cack-Handed crafter by night.




I’m a Londoner

by birth


where I grew up




& went to school


… when I left school

I worked in publishing (above Hatchards, one of the most nom nom bookshops in London)…
I worked in advertising for 7 years  …


… owned & ran a restaurant for 7 years
and then I moved to Brighton … on a whim! … 15 years ago!

where I’ve been to university …

… exhibited paintings & sold prints and cushions of Brighton …
off sony 032

… qualified as a TEFL teacher

 efsummer and calendar 002

…while doing night shifts as a

Mac Operator for the local newspaper …


off sony 033

… and now teach pre-uni students and train teachers at an International Higher Ed College


So I guess we’ve come full circle now …


Have fun snooping around the rest of my pixel patch…
… Don’t forget to make blogversation in the

comments sections!

Thank you for taking the time to comment, I try to reply but sometimes life just gets in the way, for which I'm sorry!

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