Someone I love – 20:365

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart.”     Albert Schweitzman

This is Venus Mantrap. 

Or ‘The Weasel’ (he played one of the weasels in Terry Jones’ fab Wind in the Willows movie)

Or just Jason.

We’ve been good good friends for over 16 years.

we were engaged once …

… The whole wedding thing was just because we both wanted to go to Vegas …  I was working as an academic researcher in those days, using my middle name, Athene.  I also really really wanted to finish my doctorate so I could have been Dr Athene ManTrap! 

Dear Reader, I never finished my doctorate and we never married! 

Jason’s birthday is Christmas Day.  He came to stay this year and we had a lovely lovely time – so different from our mad partying days … but good fun nonetheless.  We even played the charades from our Christmas crackers! LOL …

someone I love



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