Happiness – 15:365

Happiness today is discovering that I can play “Feelin Groovy” on the ukulele …

… only 3 chords! yay.


This is what having a cold does to a girl …

If you want to see someone doing it brilliantly …

you should see his Billie Jean too .. it’s amazin …


6 thoughts on “Happiness – 15:365

  1. Great video! I saw James Hill perform after the Mighty Uke doco a few months back. It was an incredible experience, especially seeing him play Billie Jean in person (mind blowing) and having him lead a group uke jam! He is quite the entertainer and really down to earth.

    Where did you get that bunch of chord diagram cards??

  2. OMG! I love that you play the ukulele! My daughter, molly, plays the mandolin….I think the fingering is similar. So cool Sarah!!! Cool Sarah!!!

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