Something I’m Reading – 14:365

I got some great books for my birthday, including some additions to a nerdy little collection published by Wooden Gift Booksthese two are paperbacks, but the hardbacks are really lovely too … with printed brown paper dust wrappers. 


They’re only 6″ x 5″  but they have some great info and lovely, if a little small, diagrams and illustrations …



printed in sepia on thick cream laid paper … yummity scrum …


plenty of food for thought.

What are you reading at the moment?  Do you think you read less now than you did before social media?  Yes.  I know.  Bad, isn’t it? 

One of my new year’s resolutions is to read more, so .. ta ta for now … I have knowledge to grapple with …



2 thoughts on “Something I’m Reading – 14:365

  1. You know, if I saw either of those books anywhere, I would immediately think of you! I’m no good at reading at all these days, it sends me into automatic behaviour or sleep right away. I do audio books, but the local library (only library) selects its audio books for, well, shall we say “a much more mature audience” ? and I dont mean that in an “adult” way…

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