In My Bag – 13:365

Top:      Gloves, Tunnocks Tea cake mirror, lipstick, lip gunk, asthma inhaler, crappy LG phone, post-its, gold leather change purse.

Middle:  Keys – note Bletchley lanyard!, iPod & headphones, remote for camera (doesn’t work), shirt pins and paper clips, pencil case with U.S.Pea memory stick (A mad craft idea that didn’t really work), Upside downside reversible journal containing diary and tablet.

Bottom:   Service Bell (like in a hotel! ) – I got it for my birthday and I haven’t taken it out of my bag yet!, work lanyard.



4 thoughts on “In My Bag – 13:365

  1. I love the peeks into your life! I recognize the inhaler….my daughter has asthma 😦 You are so much more organized than I am!!! My bag would have half pieces of old gum….bobby pins….broken pens…lol!

  2. She doesn’t do grot and her bag is like Mary Poppins’ – full of the most astounding things and usually just what you need 🙂

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