Something I wore – 5:365


Today’s photo-a-day is cheating a little bit as it’s a photo of a photo … but I found it while clearing some stuff today and it brought so many memories flooding back …

1.  This was the peak of my pony/horse crush!  I’m about 7 here …
I still have a thing about horses now, nearly 42 years later!

2.  My granny’s handknit arran jumper – itchy and scratchy but perfect for riding.

3.  The only picture of my hair really really really long (One day, in a mood, my mother just cut that whole plait off! I cried.  A lot.)

4.  My favourite ever dungarees!! (thank goodness for that jumper, eh?)  They were like a sateen kind of cotton … yum!

5.  My mum’s gloves – black suede, and they smelled so strongly of her perfume.  Heady.

6.  A huge puffy black corduroy peaked cap !

7.  My blue wellies – coloured plastic wellies were pretty funky back in 1970, ya know, even if they were dark blue.  I loved em.

8.  The hobby horse that my grandfather made me – I still remember the smell of wood and paint in his shed while I watched him make it for me.  The wheels on the back are from my pram! 

That horse saw a lot of action – countless Grand Nationals, Derbys, Gold Cups, showjumping and general cantery fun (all up and down the corridor in our flat ! – our poor neighbours – I have 100% karmic payback where I live now, with two boy toddlers in the house above my flat!)


Tell me about something you wore that is burned into your memory …

playing along with Fat Mum Slim’s photo-a-day



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