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Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim has started a great photo challenge, which I only just saw today .. I like this … no pressure to do the whole year, even though I’d already committed my inner flake to do just that anyway …

I really like the prompts … looks like January’s going to be fun!

So.  In mad rush to catch up I’m going to semi cheat and use yesterday’s photo for

IMG_1179-001_400x6001. Me –

my New Year’s Day post haircut photo …

2. Breakfast

2nd January - Breakfast {A Photo A Day} 2012

I had already decided this would be my photo of the day this morning.  I have this weird superstition OCD thing about which mug to use in the mornings.  There’s nothing remotely special about these mugs – I think they cost 99p in the Co-op last year sometime, but they have a certain loveliness to their feel that makes coffee just taste better.  I can’t explain it.  Just believe me.

I also have to have my first cup of tea or coffee out of the orange one.  If I have a second cup then it has to be out of the green.

Not that I’m weird or anything.  Sometimes I just use a different mug to get round the whole issue!

Anyway.  Today breakfast was two cups of coffee.  I know.  My bad.  Tomorrow will be a better breakfast ….

you can read more here and make sure to let Chantelle know if you’re getting on board!


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  1. I love your photos! I also get the mug thing… I have my favourite mugs that I have to use, and have been known to upset my man by taking the cup of tea he’s made me and going into the kitchen and pouring it into the “right” mug…shockingly rude I know but I cant help it…

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